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At our clinic, we get to the bottom of why you are feeling bad and aren’t getting the results you want.

We care about ALL of you: mind, body, and spirit. Many of our patients have been to doctors before who offered them little help because they were not looking at the problem from a functional standpoint, as we do. Checking special chemical markers in the body, and analyzing the function of your body from a fresh and dynamic place… our practice can provide something others can’t.

We are very different from other practices because rather than just focusing on a symptom or one piece of the puzzle, we address multiple pillars of health including detoxification, nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, hormonal balance and mindset.

At Phoenix Healing, we utilize comprehensive lab testing. This allows us to see your body’s function over time, in multiple instances and not just for one specific time of day, as well as provide information on various body systems.  And unlike many other practitioners, we retest. This helps to ensure we are on the right path and your body is responding to the care program we designed for you.

Our desire is for you to be independent and take charge of your health. We believe in teaching you what you need to do, how to do it, and then give you a specific and customized care plan to follow so you can point your body back in the natural direction of complete health and wellness. We do all of this to enable you to be in charge of your long term health and wellness, as compared to other healthcare professionals who may just tell you what to do without any explanation at all, which only ends in short term results if any.  In addition, we address the mindset and thought processes that accompany healing as we believe that there is a mind and body connection.  Few doctors ever address this component that is critical to you feeling better and getting the results you want.

Our purpose is to find the what current state of function your body is in, then create a customized blueprint for correction so that you can look and feel better and ultimately become a better version of you!  We believe this is what will create the optimal quality of life you are looking for.

We at Phoenix Healing are supportive, caring and honoring of our clients. With our care, you will always receive respect, professional care and a caregiver who listens to you. One of the biggest things our patients rave about is the unparalleled attention they were given by Dr. Iaquinta.  We hope you place your trust in us and visit our office. We look forward to meeting you, and helping you feel better soon!

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