Success Stories from Dr. Amy Iaquinta Patients

Through Dr. Amy’s help I have been able to improve my life tremendously. The combination of counseling, spiritual guidance, and diet help have turned my life around. Her artful chiropractic and generous tips about diet and supplements held me together and helped me accomplish my goals.

Nancy S. Patient

I saw Dr. Amy’s ad in the Wilmette beacon and came to hear her speak. I had tried many things in the past to help with belly fat….Cleanses, colonics, Isogenix etc. The results and benefits I got from working with her are peace, happiness, serenity, health and a friend for life! Working with her is different than other doctors because of the testing she does and the support she gives, in addition to the supplements she gave me to help. If you see Dr. Amy you will have no regrets! You are worth it and she will be with you for your journey. Hers is not a cookie cutter approach. She personalizes everything to what is important to you!

Kristie E.Patient
Phoenix Healing

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I came to Dr. Amy because I was overweight and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose the weight. I had been thin my whole life and in the last 6 years I began to put the pounds on even though I was following my doctor’s advice on what to eat. I was on statins for years because my doctor told me I had genetically high cholesterol and there was nothing I could do about it. I also had become diabetic in the last several years. I started with her program and followed exactly what she said to do. Within several weeks I began to feel better and be less fatigued. As I continued on, I began to see changes in my weight. It has been just over a year that I began her program.

What I loved so much about it is that it really taught me how to get control of my life and implement changes that will be life long. I am continuing with everything she taught me and I feel that’s what really makes her program different. She wants you to get results but she is interested in helping you get PERMANENT results rather than temporary.

She also helped me begin to change my beliefs and helped me out of a negative thinking pattern into a way of thinking that is moving me forward rather than being stuck in the same rut. Not only did I lose a lot of weight and am able to fit into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for 5 years, I am also off my cholesterol and blood sugar meds…..something I wasn’t even thinking was a possibility for me! I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to make changes in their life and is looking for the right person to help them.

Sharon L. Patient

I came to see Dr. Amy in June of 2013.  I came to see her because I was feeling bloated and unhappy and big and fat. Nothing was really working for me. Before I came to see her I was trying anything from working out with a trainer to all the diets there were.  I took a lot of things out of my diet and tried pretty much everything that was on the market and nothing really worked.  I felt bloated and didn’t feel very good about myself.  During her program the changes I saw were impressive. I started losing weight right away.

After 3 months of being on her program I lost 39 pounds and the quality of my days and of my life was just impressive.  My energy was back. I felt really, really good. What I want to tell people is to get in touch with Dr. Amy.   It’s going to change your life. If it changed my life then it can change your life.  She is great and she’s going to make you feel worth it.  She is going to give you her time and she’s going to help you change your life.

Ioana S. Patient

The main reason I came to see Dr Amy was because my life was falling apart…chronic insomnia and fatigue and therefore I was unable to work or function normally…unable to deal with everyday life. I had several issues concerning me including digestive problems and no I had not had a period for more than 6 months at age 45. I saw so many doctors who kept doing blood tests and telling me everything looks good, no one could explain what was happening to my body or help me correct the problem…I felt dismissed by the medical community, I was feeling really scared about my health as well as my future and very alone. I saw three different doctors who specialized in Internal medicine and one who specialized in Endocrinology and two Chiropractic Physicians…no one had a clue about what was happening to me & none of them could help me.

I’m so grateful to Dr Amy because after hearing my symptoms she did saliva testing that showed my cortisol levels throughout the day were depressed. She helped me understand what may be causing my severe adrenal fatigue and what I needed to do to recover. I no longer felt alone, I felt I had a kind, understanding, compassionate as well as knowledge professional on my side.

I have seen many traditional and alternative doctors, what is so refreshing about Dr Amy is that I feel she really cares about me as a person and wants to help me get better. She is very kind and caring and she is very knowledgeable, she has an understanding of what’s happening to me instead of looking at me baffled and dismissing me and my problems like so many of the doctors did that I saw in the past.  I appreciate how accessible she is via email between sessions if I have a quick question. Also, one of the alternative doctors I saw in the past misdiagnosed me and wanted to charge me an exorbitant amount of money per month for supplements to treat a condition I later found out I didn’t have.

Dr Amy understood my financial situation and budget restrictions, she was able to help me by recommending the most important tests and supplements, and I felt no pressure from her to purchase or do anything I felt I couldn’t afford. The other alternative doctors that I considered working with had no consideration about my financial situation due to my inability to work, they expected me to follow their protocol to the T, not offering to prioritize what I could and couldn’t afford. Also, Dr Amy is truly holistic and really understands the mind-body- spirit connection, I really appreciate the education and recommendations she has provided that have helped me incorporate the mind & spirit component to the healing of my body.

If someone is considering Dr Amy but is unsure about taking that first step, I would suggest that they at least contact her by phone to find out more, ask any questions that are unclear and get a sense of how she could help. I’m so glad that I did, after a few minutes of initial conversation with Dr Amy, I felt reassured to take the next step and meet with her in person.

Sonia J. Patient

I have struggled for years with chronic constipation.  There were times I would go days, even a week or so, without using the bathroom. My stomach would be bloated and I would feel awful. I would look like I was 6 months pregnant at times! Not being able to wear certain pants because of that, and knowing that it was not healthy to be constipated was a constant frustration for me.  This is not exactly a conversation that is easily had with others to whom you may want to ask advice. A little embarrassing. 

In addition to the constipation, I was also feeling tired and lacking the energy I once had. I was not sleeping well and was feeling frazzled. I know I am a busy, working wife and mother, but I thought there might be another reason for it.  I was told by many health care professionals to eat more fiber, use OTC fiber supplements, Miralax, etc.  None of these work for me. In fact, they just made my stomach more bloated.  I was told that constipation is a common problem for women. I constantly felt put off by the health care community when I was basically being told to deal with it. I tried prescription medications, which helped, but caused different side effects.  I knew there had to be an underlying reason for my issue and someone out there that could help me.

Dr. Amy took a long time in getting to know ‘me’. There was an awful lot of paperwork to fill out before my appointment with her. I could tell from the questions that she was assessing why my body was not doing what it was supposed to be doing.   During our appointment, we talked more about the underlying cause and how to fit the pieces of

the puzzle together to come up with a plan to help me feel better.  Through diagnostic testing, we determined what intestinal issues and food sensitivities I have and we came up with a diet and supplement plan. We also tested to see why I was experiencing fatigue and lack of energy.  Although I have only been on a couple months, I have been feeling SO MUCH BETTER! 

I feel that what makes Dr. Amy’s approach more successful than other doctors is that she really takes the time to find out what is going on. She will then order the tests necessary to diagnose or rule out the issue.  So many doctors now may run tests to find out what is wrong, but then they turn to the prescription to give to you to take away your symptoms. I would rather not be on prescription medication but find out why I am not feeling well and what supplements can I add in or what do I need to stop or start doing in a more natural way to help me to feel better.

Dr. Amy has been very approachable when I have had a question or concern, which is awesome.  If you are not satisfied with the care you are receiving somewhere else, it is time to seek out care from someone else. You have to be your own advocate.  Try a different, more holistic approach. What have you got to lose? Life is too short, and too precious to not be feeling well and to given the run around or short period of time you will get with a lot of healthcare professionals. You are a unique individual. Everyone is different and you deserve your own plan, specific to what is going on with ‘YOU’!  

Laura W. Patient

I came to Phoenix Healing because I attended a seminar given by Dr. Amy explaining what Phoenix Healing and functional medicine were about. It piqued my interest when she talked about finding the reasons behind the symptoms and using testing to determine each individual’s needs.

Upon seeing Dr. Amy, I had a myriad of symptoms. I felt tired and lethargic in spite of getting 8-10 hours of sleep every night, I carried too much weight in the midsection, and was not eating as healthy as I should have. I have tried getting better in the past; I ate an appropriate number of calories daily and my weight was fairly steady but I was eating some of the wrong things and in a pattern that wasn’t healthy.

Phoenix Healing worked for me. I made up my mind to stick to the program and found that by changing my old habits I was able to enjoy pure foods, eat satisfying meals and not feel deprived. It was very helpful to meet privately with Dr. Amy and know that she could easily be reached if I had any questions. I am beginning to get my energy back and I like knowing that I’m doing something good for myself and ultimately, my family.

It’s never too late to take good care of yourself. Once you begin eating only natural foods, everything tastes better and you lose all the bad cravings you used to have. You begin to sleep better and feel better. It helps a lot to know that Dr. Amy is in your corner. 

Barbara E. Patient

I came to Dr. Amy’s office because I had received an email about a dinner and it was about belly fat and foggy thinking, and I thought it fit me. I went to the dinner and was very interested in everything that Dr. Amy talked about and I liked her whole philosophy of functional medicine and healing the whole body. I have been going to a chiropractor for a long time but I never had a full program like I had with Dr. Amy with the blood work and other tests. I was ready to put some “skin in the game” and go through the program.

Before meeting with Dr. Amy, my symptoms were low energy and being too overweight. I have been going to a fitness bootcamp for the last 4 or 5 years with my daughter and it just seemed like I was thinking that the weight would come off more than it was, but it wasn’t. I did feel better from working out but my body wasn’t changing. My sugar craving was getting larger and the more sugar I had, the more I wanted it. I was really into caffeine. I was drinking coffee all day from the morning to the afternoon and I realized the more coffee I drank the more tired I got. I was just not going in a positive direction.

Before I went on Dr. Amy’s program, I tried many other programs but nothing worked for me. I knew something was wrong. I have been to my medical doctor and I had my blood checked for thyroid, but they told me I was in the normal range. Although, after meeting with Dr. Amy and getting the blood work back, I found out I was not in the ideal range for thyroid and my adrenal glands were tired.

This program worked for me because this was an overall, whole body, symptom finding, and supplement program. The 30 day detox set me up in the right direction. I was able to get this to work for me even though I was traveling to different cities at that time. I even went out and bought a bullet and followed everything. I soon found that I just felt better and I knew I was working in the right direction.

My life has changed because I do have more energy and people comment about my skin and say that it looks better. I have noticed the difference in my clothes so far, which I am very happy about that. My overall thinking changed and I learned how to be a better me. If I can do this, then anyone can do this because I felt like I was at a point where nothing was going to work for me. I just couldn’t seem to get on a plan that was going to get me anywhere so I would just give up before I even started. Dr. Amy’s program has given me more hope for a healthier life.

Nancy S.Patient

Hi my name is Marina. I came to Dr. Amy about seven months ago. I came because I was having heart issues and digestive problems.  My upper, left quadrant was really affected with pain.  I had numbness and tingling in both my arms and my legs. I had tremors and I was debilitated for a while. I couldn’t walk. Before I saw Dr. Amy, when I was in the hospital several times…..I even ended up going to Mayo Clinic….they couldn’t find a diagnosis. They couldn’t find out why I was feeling the way I felt.  I got to the point that I was desperate and I definitely wasn’t going to give up.

I found Dr. Amy and she ended up doing a bunch of lab tests and she put me on a some supplements and I changed my diet to help me with what was going on.  After several weeks I saw progress and change in my body and its function. At this point now I have healed drastically and it’s made a huge difference in what Dr. Amy has done for me.  I would suggest that people should not lose hope and even if western medicine can’t help you and other doctors keep telling you that they don’t know what’s wrong or they keep brushing off what you feel….there is someone out there like Dr. Amy.  She’s helped me in finding ways to help my body go back to normal and function properly.

Marina T. Patient

I’ve had an autoimmune disorder all my life (although I didn’t know that’s what it was) – skin condition but also GI symptoms that didn’t ever seem to get better. I worked with a dermatologist to treat the skin condition but I felt frustrated with some of the treatments they prescribed since I was pregnant or nursing for some of the time, which meant I was unable to do it. After an adverse reaction to one of the medicines, I decided I was going to try a more holistic approach to healing my body.

I met with Dr. Amy and she came up with a plan for me. Almost immediately my GI symptoms disappeared and I started to feel better. It’s amazing how you don’t know you feel bad until you feel good. I was feeling bad all the time and didn’t even know it.

The one thing that I really appreciate in working with her is that there is so much consideration of diet and lifestyle which greatly impacts us – I felt like she didn’t dismiss so much of the knowledge I had been learning the last few years. I felt like other conventional doctors sometimes brushed that off and would just prescribe something to make things go away when my body could heal itself if given the correct diet/exercise.

I am SO SO SO glad I had the consultation when I did – my life changed.

Kelly W. Patient

I have Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. I was feeling fatigued and having issues due to my weight. I had gained 20lbs in the preceding 2 months before seeing Dr. Amy. I felt bloated and too heavy to do anything more than get through the day at work. I had tried pretty much everything to lose weight in the past. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Mayo Clinic diet, Atkins. I lost weight but then gained it back and then some!

It was a relief to find out what is really wrong with my body and how to work with it to get to the results I needed. I did a detox and it was a little restrictive (as they all are) but after completing 2 months of the doing that I felt 100% better and lost about 20lbs which was amazing. Learning to eat foods that work with my body was very beneficial and I have been able to continue losing weight and feeling better. Down a total of 60lbs so far.

Dr. Amy has helped me tremendously. It was really eye opening as my regular doctor had no insight whatsoever regarding my health issues. I was simply told to go on the weight watchers diet and join the gym. Dr. Amy is very caring as she is passionate about her job. She not only assisted me but went 200% above the call of duty and for that I am forever grateful to her. I have told many people about my story and how Dr. Amy has helped. I think they should see her if they want a Dr. that is knowledgeable and can truly help them feel better naturally. Without prescribing drugs to mask the symptoms. She gets to the bottom of things and solves the issues.

Maria S. Patient

I came to see Dr. Amy because I was battling chronic diarrhea and chronic stomach pains for months then in April and May of 2015 it got really bad.  I was in the emergency room 5 times in 3 weeks, dehydrated from chronic diarrhea.  Every time I went, they did a lot of blood work and also CT scans. Every time I received a different diagnosis. 

I was put on so many different stomach medications.  I saw 3 different gastroenterologists and each one told me something different and would prescribe medication. Every time I saw a new gastroenterologist I would give them the list of medications the previous doctor gave me, the new gastroenterologist would admit to telling me I’m not familiar with that drug, which I thought was kind of ironic since they were all in the same field. I figured this would be my new way of life.  In addition to the chronic stomach issues, I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.  Then my daughter’s friend told her I needed to see Dr Amy.

Dr. Amy is not your “regular” doctor. She felt more like a loving and caring friend.  She completed tests I never had before and put me on a program that to me was a miracle.  Within one month everything changed, no more diarrhea no more stomach pain. Over all I was 100% better.  But it didn’t finish there, she keep on insisting I had something more than just arthritis. I was walking slouched forward and she kept insisting that I don’t listen to the other doctors and I see an orthopedic surgeon.  I had been walking around with a broken hip for years and I didn’t even know it!! Even after the countless x-rays I had done!! I had a hip replacement, lost weight and I went from walking under a 1000 step per day to walking between 8000 to 10,000 now.

I have a new life and I am so grateful to her. She treated me as an individual and she really cared as if I were her family.  I admit I am a terrible patient but she made me care about myself and put my health first. I would tell people not to be so skeptical, you could be feeling great in no time.

Maribel T. Patient

Dr. Amy came to my workplace and did a health presentation. After listening to her share how important it is to live by a healthy lifestyle beginning with the types of food we put into our bodies, I was sold. I was suffering from chronic stomach pain and issues, which now have subsided since working with her. Before seeing Dr. Amy I had seen a general practitioner as well as a gastroenterologist. I had numerous tests and labs done, only to be diagnosed with IBS.  It was a constant guessing game of what foods would or wouldn’t affect my “IBS”. I am so thankful for not having to deal with the possibility of feeling miserable each day with the support and guidance of Dr. Amy

I was constantly tired and now I have the energy I need to make it through the day. All thanks to working with her to tweak the types of foods I consume. One of the big selling points of working with Dr. Amy for me was her use of natural alternatives. These days I find that many doctors will quickly turn to prescribing medications, without anything else. Dr. Amy has provided me with the tools and support I need to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s a program plan that is not a chore to maintain. It’s something you can stick with for the rest of your life! I also appreciate the kind and supportive yet honest and truthful care Dr. Amy provides to her patients. Dr. Amy individualizes her care and treatment for each patient. She allows her patients voices to be heard. Nothing is forced, only suggested. If I could tell people one thing it would be that you can’t put a price on being pain free and healthy! I’d do it all again in a heartbeat! You will be one step closer to changing your life for the better. Why not give it a try! It can’t hurt and I found it to be well worth it!

Lisa G. Patient

I came to Dr. Amy for a health evaluation. My blood levels were out of whack and I thought I should feel better. I worked with conventional doctors but their testing is not as thorough and they don’t provide a course of treatment unless a problem arises. Dr. Amy treats before a problem.  She is great!  With her health plan my tests were greatly improved.  I feel more alert and very positive. She spent so much time with me and she listened intently.  She was available to answer my questions and provide suggestions.  Her knowledge and warmth comes through and you can feel good with what she has to offer.

Diane H.Patient

I came to Dr. Amy because I have cancer and wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to stay I remission. I also wanted to lose weight. Dieting never seemed to work for me.

I did one of Dr. Amy’s customized programs and I found out through it that I was gluten sensitive – following a gluten free diet gave me more energy and helped me lose weight, which I have maintained.  I also now stay away from sugar and dairy  as suggested by Dr. Amy based on test results. Dr. Amy’s program is comprehensive and looks at the total person.  I appreciated the dietary consultant and the fitness specialist.

Susan F.Patient

I first came to Dr. Amy because I was looking for a new chiropractor. I had a long history with injuries and chiropractors and after reviewing Dr. Amy’s website, I determined that she was the right fit for me.

I had many old sports injuries and started going to chiropractors back in the 1970s. All along the way, I have had many different body therapies including massage, shiatsu, and many others. I have also had years of physical therapy but my injuries never fully healed and I needed to find an effective but gentle chiropractor.

Dr. Amy could put me back together and make me feel good between visits but it became increasingly clear that a lot of the physical problems I was having were not only the result of former injuries but a very stressful situation at work. By listening to Dr. Amy talk about her Functional Medicine practice, I began to make the connection between food, stress, and my extreme physical pain. I have been a “health nut” all of my life and assumed that I was eating a good diet. Since I assumed that I was eating a healthy diet, I wasn’t able to hear, at first, what I needed to change in how I was eating in order to reduce my stress and relieve my pain. Dr. Amy is not only highly trained and experienced, she is patient and kind and really does this

to help people, not just earn a living.

After sleeping in a recliner for 10 years because I couldn’t lie down flat, I am now pain-free, have lost over 30 pounds, am far less stressed, and have so many more little perks like softer skin, no constipation after a lifetime of terrible constipation, and tests show that my liver is in the best condition ever. I am 69 years old and I can run rings around most people half my age. 

Nancy S.Patient