Dr. Amy Iaquinta: Finally, A “New School” of Gentle Chiropractic That Works, Feels, & Treats You So Much Better Than The “Old School”

Here’s How & Why

My “New School” Chiropractic clinic utilizes a fabulous scientific instrument called the Arthrostim; a much more precise, no pain, no trauma, effective device that not only produces dramatic results, but most times, dramatic results immediately!

When I adjust you, you won’t feel, hear or fear the usual “popping” or “cracking” sounds of “Old School” Chiropractic.  The scientific Arthrostim allows me to treat you in completely comfortable, pain-free positions and you will be totally relaxed.  

Many people are in acute pain when they come in and it’s uncomfortable for them to lie in certain positions with “Old School” Chiropractic.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With the Arthrostim, I can move the instrument to get a precise adjustment while your body is in a fully relaxed and comfortable position.

If you are used to this old system of chiropractic I promise you’re going to love this gentler style and love getting dramatic results, pain-free.

As part of my “New School” Chiropractic, I also utilize an instrument called a Vibracussor, a very gentle, percussive type therapy ideal for releasing “stuck” joints.  In addition, it promotes circulation, increases lymphatic flow, reduces spasms, and is highly effective in treating chronic muscle pain.

This type of chiropractic care brings new meaning to the words, “being treated”- for now being treated is a “treat” in itself while treating your pain.  

Our practice is one of the select few practices in the north shore area that provides this type of gentle chiropractic care. Experience the difference and get phenomenal results in lesser time.

I look forward to meeting and “treating” you to this “New School” Chiropractic experience.

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